The Journey for Justice for Every Woman


By Tralonne Shorter
Senior Advocacy & Policy Associate for Racial Justice and Civil Rights, YWCA USA 

On September 16th, I was honored to join hundreds of fellow social justice advocates who converged in Washington, DC for the conclusion of the NAACP’s “Journey for Justice March.”

For more than forty days, the cadre of marchers—an inter-generational, inter-racial mixture of faith leaders, laborers, and NAACP supporters— traversed 1,002 miles from Selma, Alabama to Washington, DC, to raise awareness for a fair criminal justice system, restoration of voting rights, sustainable jobs with a living wage, and equitable public education.

Equal Pay Is At the Forefront of the Women’s Movement

YWCA USA staff had the opportunity to attend a talk at Turner4D about the women’s movement in the 21st century. The talk featured experts in the history and progress of the women’s movement both domestically and internationally. Celinda Lake of Lake Research and Partners covered the public perceptions of the women’s movement in the US. In her presentation, she gave some startling numbers about the pay gap that continues to persist.

Statement in Support of Dept. of Labor Overtime Regulations

YWCA USA applauds the Department of Labor (DOL) for proposing the long overdue and much needed regulations to expand overtime protections to 5 million workers across the country, with 56 percent of the affected workers women.  By raising the overtime salary threshold up to $50,440 per year, working women will be eligible for time and a half for every hour worked over 40 hours per week. This new regulation will improve the economic security of women and their families and reduce income inequality by compensating workers for a fair day’s work.