Thank You for a Successful Year!

by Katie Stanton
Social Media Manager, YWCA USA

2013 is nearly here, so let’s take a step back and reflect on the accomplishments of the past year. For the YWCA, looking back helps us remember what we can achieve together, and to plan for how we will continue to empower women and eliminate racism in coming years.

YWCAs across the country have truly made an impressive difference in their communities. Our local associations worked hard to serve the two million women and families who participate in our programs every year. Here is just a sample of their many achievements:

  • YW NYC StaffThe YWCA of the City of New York provided relief to the families in Coney Island who were heavily impacted by Hurricane Sandy, despite their own challenges after the storm. Other local associations, like the YWCA of Minneapolis, organized relief efforts to help their fellow association recover.
  • The YWCA York, as part of a Human Trafficking Task Force, increased awareness about the widespread trafficking taking place in their community at their Cocktails for a Cause event. YWCA USA CEO Dara Richardson-Heron, M.D., discussed the YWCA USA’s commitment to empowering survivors of violence.
  • The YWCA of O’ahu is expanding their Dress for Success headquarters with a $25,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation. They will also be collaborating with U.S. VETS to provide the first and only transitional housing for female veterans in Hawai’i.

In Her Shoes: Rhonda Jones, YWCA of Oʹahu

In Her Shoes is a series that profiles young women working in YWCAs across the country.

Rhonda Jones

Rhonda Jones

Rhonda relocated to Oʹahu shortly after earning a B.S. in Communications and an A.A. in Public Health Administration from the University of North Florida Administration, where she was awarded a Bright Futures Scholarship for four years. Rhonda’s internships and professional trainings have included experience in: media communications, clinical research and marketing strategies. In her spare time, she enjoys surfing, working with animals and engaging with local artists and musicians.

Describe your normal day from your first morning coffee and on…

On site, my daily duties include: managing facility operations associated with a 42-room residence; working directly with women to provide resources for housing, jobs and money management; and creating action plans for programs and services. I also facilitate our program application and enrollment process, prepare data for grant reporting, and collaborate with local agencies for partnerships and referrals. Some days will require off-site attendance for meetings, or YWCA-related events. I also enjoy working with residents and volunteers in the community garden I helped establish in 2011.