Men have the power to end violence against women

By Patricia Glaser Shea
President and CEO, YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee 


Patricia Glaser Shea

Nearly nine months ago, domestic violence victim advocates stood proudly in front of the Metro Courthouse as our city’s leaders presented recommendations for system-wide improvements to Nashville’s response to domestic violence. The recommendations came after Mayor Karl Dean commissioned and completed a domestic violence safety and accountability assessment and shed a bright light on the gaps in our community’s legal, judicial and law enforcement practices.

Men Must Commit to Ending Gender-Based Violence

By Patricia Glaser Shea, President and CEO
YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee

Patricia Glaser Shea

Patricia Glaser Shea

Violence against women and girls is a men’s issue. While most men are not violent, it is men who commit the majority of violence against women and girls. The engagement and education of men and boys is the best long-term solution to solving this widespread criminal behavior.

Violence against women won’t stop until men take an active role in creating a culture that refuses to tolerate it. Most men (our good guys) aren’t really aware of the enormity of problem. Maybe it’s not part of their daily life, or so it seems. Here are the facts in our own community, which is everyone’s reality:

Kasar Abdulla: A Champion of Change for Immigrants and Refugees

by Katie Stanton and Renee Green

Kasar Abdulla

Kasar Abdulla

Kasar Abdulla, Board Member at the YWCA of Nashville for three years, has been making a difference in her community for nearly two decades. Through her work with Welcoming America, Kasar helps immigrants and the new communities they are joining to find cross-cultural understanding and an appreciation for their new neighbors. In September, Kasar was honored by the White House as a Champion of Change, and we sat down with her for an interview about her work and her life in the United States.

Why were you honored as a Champion of Change?