About Us

What You Will Find at YWCA 

  1. Education

We know it is vital to focus on your education, and it is why we are here. We aim to help students, both school and university students, achieve their dreams so that they can start their career well. We provide information, like scholarships, university life, opportunities, and others. 

  1. Economy

More than half of the entire population in a country are not aware of the fact that their current financial state is significantly affected by the global economic system. For that reason, understanding the field is important so that they know what to do just in case something happens. Remember that different countries use different systems, and comprehending such topics will help you cope with possible crises. 

  1. Business

Starting your career is probably one of the most crucial steps in your life. Launching your business is, of course, also an option. Thus, we created this category to help you manage your business and learn how to deal with today’s competitive market.