Things to Look at When Buying a Lightsaber

A lightsaber is a fictional sword depicted as a luminescent blade featured in the popular Star Wars Universe. The fact that it was the signature weapon used by some star wars in the Jedi Order, Star Wars fans has every reason to love it. Another attraction to these blades is its prominent showing where it can be used to cut, melt, or burn different elements with much ease. There is a considerable variety of lightsabers in the market, and here are some features to look for when shopping for the best lightsaber.


red lightsaber

One of the most important things to assess when buying a lightsaber is its design. Here, should be looking at the nature of the hilt, with most models in the market having either plastic or metallic hilt. When looking for a unit with a plastic handle, see to it that it is strong enough to withstand intense cosplay battles. You also need to go for lightsaber with a hilt that looks and feels like a real weapon.

Sound Effects

As a rule of the thumb, any lightsaber should have sound effects, which are often buzzing and sparkling sounds to complement the projector motor hum. However, you might realize that sounds from different blades have unique properties. You should be looking for a blade that offers authentic movie sounds, humming sounds, and, if possible, motion sensor controlled sounds.

Blade Lights

Lightsaber blades must have some visual effects. However, the visual effects on these blades are designed to look a bit shaky, which makes the sword seem to vibrate. Also, lightsaber blades also complement the lighting with some sound effects. Some blades also allow you to change colors. In light of this, a quality blade also offers an impressive epic transition from red to blue. Thus, a blade with a color switching feature will always light up in a different color every time you turn it on.

Power Options

Most, if not all, lightsabers are battery powered. Most models in the market are powered by AA batteries, which could be included in the package or bought separately depending on the model that you are buying. Without a power source, it is pretty evident that these swords are incapable of producing the movie sounds and the lights they offer. When assessing the power, it is also essential to consider the power saving abilities provided by different lightsabers.

An essential thing to know when shopping for a lightsaber toy or a replica lightsaber is that there is nothing like the best lightsaber. The ideal option is often dependent on your wants, and of course, your budget towards the same.

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