SaaS Platforms and Manufacturing

gear assemblyThe manufacturing industry is shifting to software as a service (SaaS). That has mainly been brought about by increased competition, with each manufacturer looking to get an edge over the competition.

Why the Manufacturing Industry Is Shifting To SaaS

SaaS offers a variety of benefits, which is why many manufacturing industries are shifting to it. Some of the top reasons for that are highlighted below.

A Single Truth Version

A SaaS network enables cross-collaboration among team members, partners, customers, and devices to connect and communicate seamlessly. That is a seismic shift from the previous models, which housed data in silos, which caused limited collaboration and disconnection in information gathering. SaaS can use a single and consolidated database, providing a single version of the truth, promoting consistency, and erasing silos. SaaS enables improved and more comprehensive analytics, given that the users have a single set of information to extract meaningful data.

To Enhance Collaboration

Previously, there was a lot of walled environments. Information silos existed between employees and suppliers. They also existed among departments in the same company, which was working against the goals of most manufacturing businesses. With a SaaS network, a single ERP database is accessible via the cloud to employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. That enables the consolidation of enterprise information. That provides analytic tools with a set of accurate data from which meaning, measurements, and trends can be extracted.

A shift of Resources to New Innovation and Technologies

The traditional ERP software that is version-based does not allow users and companies to collaborate and share freely. That contributes to stifling progress because of data housing in different places and incompatibility of software versions that limit collaborations. Such factors slow down the introduction of innovations and inhibit the rapid evolution of technology. SaaS cloud hosting, on the other hand, eliminates the need for version control and software upgrades with a single line of code. That helps to save effort, time, and money.technician coding

To Allow for Heavy Customization

Highly customized solutions are usually a burden to clients with limited time. Ideally, the need for heavy customization leans towards SaaS. Such clients risk missing some of the latest related releases. The latest releases usually come with a variety of upgrades and more benefits, such as enhanced operational efficiency, more cost savings, and increased customizability.

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