Key Benefits of Using Androgen Receptor Modulators (testolone)

Many people are joining the fitness world either for a bodybuilding competition, or professional athletics. Physical training helps in fitness, and to further boost it, people are resulting in performance-enhancing drugs. Performance-enhancing drugs have been a trend not only for physical fitness but also for professional athletes. Some of these performance-enhancing drugs in the past were put off due to the negative impact they caused. Some have more benefits than disadvantages. Among the leading enhancers is the RAD 140, it helps you achieve that built body that you desire. It also helps in muscle and bone tissue growth without affecting the prostate or other organs. It is among the top enhancer over steroids, which tend to harbor adverse effects on the human body.

fitnessThe testolone initially was developed for medicinal purposes, but over the years, it has been in use for other purposes. It differs from steroids as it is an androgen receptor. Androgens decrease in our bodies over the years, and to maintain that pump look, one can boost using the androgen receptors. It leads to muscle tissue development.  Testolone consumed in the right quantity under the experience of a medically licensed doctor, can help one’s body reap a significant number of benefits. These essential merits include, but are not limited to:

Increased Muscle Mass

Testolone is no exception when it comes to muscle building, just like other enhancement drugs. It helps one increase muscle mass. It has a gradual increase in lean muscle tissue while staying relatively thin in the process.

Muscle Pump

One of the greatest things about pumping iron in the gym and lifting weights is the pump. A muscle pump is excellent as it makes you look and feel big and jacked. It serves as a great motivational tool while in the gym as you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. It is an advantage as one can get endorsed by companies from the sneaky posts from one’s social media accounts.


If you are lean enough, another thing you will notice when you incorporate (RAD 140) into your workout routine, is an increased level of vascularity. Being vascular gives visibility of your veins from underneath the skin and gives you a distinctly lean appearance. To most lifters, vascularity is a sign of accomplishment and leanness.

Ease in Cutting

The challenging part of a bodybuilding competitionenhancer is the cutting phase. Bulking is easy as one generally gets to eat more, gaining calories. During a cut, calories have to reduce, so your energy and strength levels will drop as you lose fat. It means one will lose some muscles; thus, this is where testolone is ideal. It will help promote an increase in lean tissue muscle and preserve existing muscle mass.

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